7 March 2024

DSR Cor­po­rati­on and eTRUST Co., Ltd Address Esca­lating Glo­bal Flo­od Thre­ats with Inno­vati­ve River Moni­toring Sys­tems

DSR Corporation and eTRUST Co., Ltd Address Escalating Global Flood  Threats with Innovative River Monitoring Systems

Denver, CO – March 7th, 2024 – DSR Corporation (DSR) and eTRUST Co., Ltd. (eTRUST) today announced a strategic business partnership to release advanced river monitoring systems that combine advanced computer vision technology from DSR’s subsidiary company, Noema, with eTRUST’s river monitoring system expertise. This collaborative effort addresses the pressing need for cutting-edge technologies to combat the devastating impacts of floods on communities and vital infrastructure.

The companies join forces to develop highly efficient and accurate river monitoring cameras with AI-based water level detection functions. The AI-powered camera autonomously detects water surfaces, reads water levels with high accuracy, and revolutionizes flood prevention through quick and secure remote monitoring, significantly reducing the labor burden on local governments and aiding in the construction of robust disaster prevention systems. 

Pilot system demonstration experiments are underway, with expected product availability in April 2024. Future expansions include monitoring road flooding, snowfall and mountain environmental changes and implementing countermeasures against wildlife damage. The commitment remains strong to promote a system enhancing data collection, even in severe environments, contributing to a safer and more resilient future. 

"DSR has been at the forefront of providing mission-critical applications for more than 20 years. Partnering with eTRUST presents a unique opportunity to deliver a comprehensive software solution directly contributing to the safety and well-being of communities in flood-prone areas,” said Anatoli Pechkov, CEO of DSR Corporation. ”We are honored to work side by side with eTRUST, a trusted partner, and eagerly anticipate utilizing AI and computer vision technology to serve people around the globe."

"Natural disasters caused by global warming are major issues not only in Japan but all over the world. The improvement and promotion of disaster prevention monitoring systems such as river monitoring are urgent issues,” said Ryuichi Sakai, CEO of eTRUST. “We will contribute to solving this social issue by incorporating DSR's latest AI technology based on our many years of experience building disaster prevention systems.” 

According to the World Economic Forum, floods constitute 43% of recorded natural disasters in the last two decades. As climate change intensifies, there is a projected 24% rise in the global population exposed to floods due to the increased frequency of extreme weather events. In response to this urgent and critical issue in Japan, eTRUST collaborated with the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism in the "Innovative River Technology Project," deploying river surveillance cameras. This partnership will address the urgent need for advanced flood prevention measures and ensure a more effective response to the evolving challenges posed by climate-induced events.

Noema & eTrust Flood Detection

About DSR Corporation

DSR Corporation (DSR) is a software development firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Portugal, Uzbekistan, and Japan. The company has been developing solutions for global clients since 1998 and has worked in wireless technology since 2001. DSR consists of eleven technical divisions with highly-skilled, technologically-agnostic engineering expertise, delivering services in full-stack web, embedded, mobile, wireless, big data / analytics, scalable databases, system software, digital media, blockchain, AI / computer vision and technology consulting**.** In 2018, DSR formed the subsidiary Noema to specialize in computer vision application development. To learn more about DSR, visit: https://en.dsr-corporation.com.   

About Noema, Inc.

Noema, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation from Denver, Colorado is a computer vision application developer founded in 2018 to capitalize on DSR’s world-class edge-computing expertise. Noema's deep AI knowledge, combined with DSR’s years of experience delivering products to the market, helps to build real-world solutions to optimize and automate processes for a variety of industries that far exceed human performance, speed and accuracy. Noema specializes in human behavior monitoring, video output modification, and object and process tracking for the transportation, health and safety, industrial, oil and gas, infrastructure and property management, security, and retail industries. To learn more about Noema visit: https://noema.tech.

About eTRUST Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1935, eTRUST has been engaged in infrastructure construction such as rivers, roads, and public facilities under the jurisdiction of government offices and local governments, construction of base stations for major communication carriers, and solar power construction based on electrical equipment and information communication technology. In addition to these fields, we are currently working on the development and promotion of disaster prevention solutions based on the knowledge and successive track records over many years.

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