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Delivering productized AI and Computer Vision solutions to advance your product innovation — a one-stop-shop for your software development needs.

What We Do

Models Design / Optimization

We help you choose the best architecture for your solution based on your specific needs and requirements.

Solution Architecture

We create complete solution architecture, including backend, models, device firmware, upgrade procedures and video storage.

Product Development

We develop complete products, including backend and firmware.

Our Apps

Human Behavior

Use CV systems to understand human behavior in real-time and make decisions that improve efficiency and delight consumers.

Video Output Modification

Use CV systems to modify video at the edge, obscuring/hiding private information and certain on-screen items to protect consumer privacy.

Object & Process Tracking

Use CV systems to recognize, classify, and count objects and processes and identify their movements, positions, or statuses.

Manufacturing and Oil & Gas

Use CV systems to monitor critical infrastructure and be alerted to events in real time.

Noema Apps Design Principles

Smart at the Edge

Our apps run at the edge (on the camera or camera LAN) without requiring additional hardware or connectivity. They are always monitoring for conditions or behaviors that alert possible action or intervention.

Send Monitoring and Alarm Data

Aggregate useful data and alarms on your choice of supervisory control and data system (SCADA) or video management system (VMS).

Increase Safety

More accurately and consistently monitoring infrastructure or work sites and comply with Draft EU & General Data Protection Regulations.

Increase Responsiveness

Send instant, automated alerts to technicians, first responders and public safety & infrastructure management personnel.

Easy Deployment Options

Install our applications on smart cameras or leverage existing camera architecture using AI boxes on the camera LAN. The app can then be configured remotely.

Portable by Design

Our solutions are portable to multiple platforms: AzenaOS enabled devices, Android OS, Linux, Axis cameras, iPRO cameras, NVidia JETSON, iPhone and Cloud devices.

About Noema

Noema is a Golden, CO based computer vision application developer founded in 2018 to capitalize on our team’s world-class edge-computing expertise. Noema’s deep AI knowledge combined with years of experience delivering products to the market help us build real-world solutions to optimize and automate processes for a variety of industries that far exceed human performance, speed, and accuracy. Noema specializes in human behavior monitoring, video output modification, and object & process tracking for the transportation, health & safety, industrial, oil & gas, infrastructure & property management, security, and retail industries.

Noema is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation.

World-class Software Resources and Services – The noema CV offering was born from the experience and successes of DSR Corporation. Global companies have been turning to DSR software and consulting services for more than two decades. Our broad engineering skillset allows us to deliver solutions across technologies, including, but not limited to: Wireless, embedded, analytics, blockchain, web, and mobile.

Let noema and DSR’s fully-managed teams create the all-encompassing solution for your product or offering, with the ability to support you, from concept to deployment and beyond.

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Connect with Us

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