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Snow Detection

Snow Detection

Noema’s Snow Detection Application prevents damage caused by excess snowfall using cutting-edge digital snow segmentation techniques.

Noema uses AI-enabled devices and computer vision to monitor snow levels and alarm for heavy snow events on buildings and transportation routes, by applying snow fragmentation techniques. Customizable alarms are sent to operators in real time, during heavy snowing events.

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The Problem

Snowing events happen regularly around the world and can cause damage to property and close transportation routes for longer periods of time. Real-time data and alerts about snow levels can help reduce or prevent snow danger and damage.

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Noema Solution

Noema’s Snow Detection application uses smart cameras and computer vision to monitor predefined areas like roads and roofs for snow and alert operators to snowfall level.

The application runs at the edge, either on a smart camera, AI-enabled device or AI box and can be configured remotely. Distributing Artificial Intelligence computing to the Edge greatly reduces latency and bandwidth requirements for the AI systems to function effectively. Instant notification gives your crucial time.

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Monitor areas for snow level and cover

Separate colors for each area for easy differentiation


Monitor roads or other areas for snow

Easy configuration & use

A variety of cameras are supported

Flexible alarm types

Works with little internet bandwith

Runs at the edge or the cloud

QMTT integration

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Solution Advantages

Automated, 24/7 monitoring

Noema’s Snow Detection application runs 24/7 and sends real-time data to a backend of your choice. Real-time metadata and alerts minimize response times to and allows for more insights to be gathered around snow events.

Computing at the Edge

The app operates at the edge, meaning the algorithm runs entirely on the camera. No additional hardware or network connectivity required.

Remote Installation & Configuration

Noema’s computer vision applications are easy to install. Mount a new camera or use an existing one and configure the application remotely. No additional on-site hardware or measurements are required.

Data and Integrations

Noema’s Snow Detection application generates easily digestible MQTT metadata that can be integrated into any backend or VMS. Frame Data:

  • Original and augmented camera frame
  • Percentage of camera frame where snow is detected
  • Timestamp of the event
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Minimum System Requirements

AI-Enabled Devices

NVIDIA Compatible

Supported devices

Arm64 Architecture

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Supports a variety of camera types and manufacturers, including CCTV cameras

The application can be licensed to support multiple tracks in the field of view or can be applied to cameras that physically or electronically pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ)

Remote installation and configuration with intuitive interface to define monitoring areas

On-demand integration with custom MQTT information system performed by Noema

Smart Camera

App is running on edge device

AI box

App is running on edge device


VMS show the camera footage along with some added features


SCADA handles the metadata that is generated by the app

Data Output

Video pixels will show snow data on front end


Data integrated into dashboard enabling real-time analysis

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