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Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid Leak Detection

Noema’s Liquid Leak Detection Application monitors areas at oil and gas sites where leaks are likely to occur and sends real-time alerts to a backend for a faster response. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, the app continuously monitors user-defined areas for puddles or pools of liquid, like water and oil. When leaks are detected, real-time alerts are sent to the user for instant response.

Noema apps operate at the edge, meaning computing is done on the AI-enabled device itself, with no additional hardware required. Noema’s Flood Application relays real-time data that can help reduce or prevent damage from leaks.

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The Problem

Liquid leaks that occur at oil and gas sites in pipes, pumps or tanks can happen at any time and present a serious threat to the environment. These can result in expensive regulatory fines and substantial clean-up costs.

A single leak can potentially cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. These expensive fines and clean-up costs end up being pricier than mitigation and prevention solutions. Leaks of water, fracking water and oil can have catastrophic effects on your operation and the surrounding environment.

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Noema Solution

Noema’s Liquid Leak Detection application uses smart cameras and computer vision to monitor predefined areas for puddles or pools of liquid at oil and gas sites. When a leak occurs, the smart camera and computer vision application detect the leak and send a real-time alert to the backend for a faster response.

The application runs at the edge, either on a smart camera or AI box and can be configured remotely. Distributing Artificial Intelligence computing to the Edge greatly reduces latency and bandwidth requirements for the AI systems to function effectively, alerting you to leaks right away.

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Monitor multiple Interest Zones

Separate colors for each area for easy differentiation


Monitor user-defined leak areas

Immune to false alarms from rain

A variety of cameras are supported

Can detect water and crude oils

Works in all light conditions

LiveStream for real-time monitoring

QMTT integration

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Solution Advantages

Automated, 24/7 monitoring

Noema’s Liquid Leak Detection Application automatically monitors defined leak areas, all day and all night. The app runs 24/7 and detects leak events with more consistency than a human operator. Having a human operator monitoring feeds is costly and prone to error, as continuous monitoring is nearly impossible. Real-time alerts minimize response times and regulatory costs for operators.

Multiple Terrain Types

Puddles and pools of liquid can be detected on the most common types of terrains at oil and gas sites, including gravel, dirt and cement.

Remote Installation & Configuration

Noema’s computer vision applications are easy to install. Mount a new camera or equip an existing one, and configure the application remotely over the network.

Data and Integrations

The app generates metadata, alarms and images which are integrated into a VMS backend using MQTT metadata interfaces.

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Minimum System Requirements

AI-Enabled Devices

NVIDIA Compatible

Supported devices

Arm64 Architecture

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Supports a variety of camera types and manufacturers, including CCTV cameras

The application can define Interest Zones to monitor in the camera’s field of view

Remote installation and configuration with intuitive interface to define monitoring areas

On-demand integration with custom MQTT information system performed by Noema

Smart Camera

App is running on edge device

AI box

App is running on edge device


VMS show the camera footage along with some added features


SCADA handles the metadata that is generated by the app

Data Output

Video pixels will show leak data on front end


Data integrated into dashboard enabling real-time analysis

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