Flood Detection

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Flood Detection

The Flood Detection application from Noema uses smart cameras and computer vision to monitor water levels and alarm for flooding events in bodies of water and flood plains, by applying water fragmentation and virtual rulers. Customizable alarms are sent to operators in real time, during water-level changing and flooding events. Noema’s Flood Detection app generates easily digestible metadata that works with any backend and can be integrated with any alert system.

Noema apps operate at the edge, meaning computing is done on the camera itself, with no additional hardware required. Noema’s Flood Application relays real-time data that can help reduce or prevent future flooding damage.

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Problem Flood

The Problem

In certain regions, flooding events occur on a regular basis and can happen at a moment’s notice. Real-time data & alerts are necessary to reduce or prevent the loss of life and damage to infrastructure caused by flooding.

In the last three years in the United States, damage from flooding events cost $25.6B USD. In Japan from 2015-2019, the cost of damage from flooding has increased from 390B JPY to 2.18T JPY.

There are a few issues with current real-time flood detection solutions, such as tipping bucket rain gauges and radar water level sensors. They are difficult to install and require costly maintenance in both equipment and personnel.

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Noema Solution

Noema’s solution monitors bodies of water and floodplains and sends a variety of alarms, allowing operators to have the real-time warning systems they need to prevent costly harm to people and infrastructure. Multiple rulers are applied for detection and ruler placement, which can be configured remotely, is defined by the operator. A small number of cameras can sufficiently monitor flood-prone areas, requiring very few personnel to maintain and monitor.

The app monitors and alarms for water coverage in any predefined area. The application runs directly on the camera, performs analysis in real-time and relays critical measurements and alerts back to the operator.

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Features Flood

Real Time Water Level
Separate colors categorize water level during increases


Features Cloud

Runs at the edge or on the cloud, based on preference

Features Camera

Many camera types are supported

Features Alarm

Flexible alarm types

Features Weather

Works in all light & weather conditions

Features Bandwidth

Works with little internet bandwidth

Features Configuration

Easy configuration & use

Features Hardware

VMS and SCADA integration

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Solution Advantages

Advantages Monitoring

Automated, 24/7 monitoring

Noema’s Flood Detection application runs 24/7 and sends real-time data to a backend of your choice. Real-time metadata and alerts minimize response times to and allows for more insights to be gathered around flood events.

Advantages Computing

Computing at the Edge

Noema’s Flood Detection application operates at the edge, meaning the algorithm runs entirely on the camera, allowing you to monitor multiple flood prone areas, on a single camera, with no additional hardware or network connectivity.

Advantages Remote

Remote Installation & Configuration

Noema’s computer vision applications are easy to install. Mount a new camera or use an existing one and configure the application remotely. No additional on-site hardware or measurements are required.

Advantages Integrations

Data and Integrations

Noema’s Flood Detection application generates easily digestible metadata that can be integrated into any backend or VMS.

Frame Data:

  • Original and augmented camera frame
  • Array of ruler objects and information relative to water level
  • Timestamp of the event

On-demand integration with custom MessageBroker and DataTrolley information system performed by Noema.

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Minimum System Requirements

Enabled Devices

AI-Enabled Devices

NVIDIA Compatible

Requirements CPU

Supported devices

Arm64 Architecture

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Supports a variety of camera types and manufacturers, including CCTV cameras

The application can be applied to cameras that physically or electronically pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ)

Remote installation and configuration with intuitive interface to define monitoring areas

On-demand integration with custom MessageBroker and DataTrolley information system performed by Noema

Deployment Camera

Smart Camera

App is running on edge device

Deployment AI

AI box

App is running on edge device

Deployment VMS


VMS show the camera footage along with some added featurese

Deployment Scada


SCADA handles the metadata that is generated by the app

Deployment Video

Data Output

Video pixels will show fire & smoke data on front end

Deployment Analytics


Data integrated into dashboard enabling real-time analysis

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