14 December 2021

Noema to pre­sent award­-wi­nning Seat Occ­upa­ncy Mon­itoring and o­ther Co­mp­uter Vis­ion Appl­icat­ions at ESCON 2021, Web­inar with Az­ena.

Noema to present award-winning Seat Occupancy Monitoring and other Computer Vision Applications at ESCON 2021, Webinar with Azena.

Occupancy Monitoring Application which won Azena’s 2021 App Challenge. The app uses computer vision to provide the best real-time occupancy data for transportation and other seated environments.

Noema will also showcase other cutting-edge apps, namely: Flood Detection and Early Warning, Object-in-hand Detection, and Point-of-Sale Terminal Masking.

See the following LinkedIn post for more details!

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