23 August 2022

Leading Oil and Gas Pro­ducers Use Noema & Twin Eag­le Solu­ti­ons to Dri­ve Toward Car­bon Neut­ra­lity

Twin Eagle Solutions, a leading integrator in the oil and gas industry, has partnered with Noema, Inc., the leading edge-based Computer Vision AI company, to release an advanced Flare Monitor application. This is the first of many industry-leading solutions that Twin Eagle and Noema will partner on.

Kaylor Greenstreet, President of the VisionAery Division of Twin Eagle Solutions says, “We had wild success providing our leading petroleum producers the first-generation application and with the feedback and collaboration of our worldwide customer base, the advanced Flare Monitor application goes beyond presence detection by measuring and characterizing flare and smoke. To address carbon off-sets, quantifying emissions and knowing the amount of carbon being released is necessary. We are committed to coming alongside the industry to address and tackle the biggest problems.”

In a recent survey, 92% of oil and gas companies say they are investing in some form of AI presently or in the next few years. The advanced Flare Monitor application is a turnkey solution that allows customers to monitor flare size, black smoke output, smoke opacity, and flare color in compliance with EPA regulations. For example, methane is a significantly more serious greenhouse gas than CO2. To comply with these regulations and prevent site emergencies, the Flare Monitor application automates the real-time monitoring process and generates analytics. The analytics data is sent to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

Noema’s Advanced Flare Monitoring application runs on the VisionAery edge solution from Twin Eagle which also allows the use of the application locally at the site rather than in the cloud or in a data center. VisionAery is an industrialized edge computing platform that delivers the advantage of today’s most advanced technologies at your company's edge while also being cost-effective.

“It is an honor to partner with Twin Eagle Solutions,” says Roman Lavlinskii, Noema’s CEO. Lavlinskii continued, “They know the field through the 20+ years of supplying solutions. Many sites are in the most remote and harshest of places. The Noema Flare Monitor app was built with that in mind to maximize the information while minimizing the bandwidth needed to monitor, get alerts, characterize, and measure. We are looking forward to bringing to market even more solutions that contribute to a safer, greener and more efficient world.”

Noema to this point has released three applications serving the oil and gas segment that help keep the producers’ costs down and support reliable and safe operation, all while driving toward a carbon-neutral future. Beyond flare monitoring at a specific site, VisionAery division is also working with Noema on a suite of additional Computer Vision AI applications. Each app reads, reports, warns, and alarms. These include:

  • Liquid Leak Detection
  • Thermal Tank Level Reading
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Analog Gauge Reading
  • Event-Based Auditing
  • Remote Site Inspections
  • and others

Through this partnership, Noema, Inc. and Twin Eagle are working closely together to increase safety, assure compliance, and help the industry achieve green goals to create a sustainable future through innovation, automation, and computer vision.

About Twin Eagle
Twin Eagle has been a solutions integrator for industrial environments for over 20 years. Twin Eagle specializes in turnkey industrial wireless, OT networking and security, and IoT solutions for remote environments. TES is among the most trusted names in industries like oil and gas, utilities, water/wastewater, and more. With field offices and assets that service all 50 states in the U.S., Twin Eagle is a reliable solutions provider for over 500 different customers.

About Noema, Inc.
Noema is a Golden, Colorado-based computer vision application developer founded in 2018 to capitalize on our team’s world-class edge-computing expertise. Noema’s deep AI knowledge combined with years of experience delivering products to the market help us build real-world solutions to optimize and automate processes for a variety of industries that far exceed human performance, speed, and accuracy. Noema specializes in human behavior monitoring, video output modification, and object & process tracking for transportation, health & safety, industrial, oil & gas, infrastructure & property management, security, and retail industries. Noema is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation (founded 1998).

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