18 January 2022

Noema in 2021 ­- High l­evel

Noema in 2021 - High level

Noema had an exciting year. We took what we have been working on over the years in the field of computer vision, finally showed it off to the market, won the Azena App Challenge, and began work on a number of proof-of-concept deployments. We are very happy with the industry feedback so far, and we can’t wait to bring our applications to market in 2022!

With a growing portfolio of 10 apps in development and testing, Noema is focused on the promotion and adoption of CV technology in a variety of industries. We believe our ethical approach to computer vision applications can help ease problems around the globe in targeted use cases that improve the safety, privacy, and efficiency of the world we live in. We believe an emphasis on user privacy is one of the critical elements necessary for the widespread adoption of computer vision technologies, and our applications have the potential to further user privacy in a variety of everyday scenarios.

Our Apps

We now have 6 apps that we are promoting for testing in different global markets, all available on the Azena app store. One app that generated a lot of interest in 2021 was our Seat Occupancy Monitoring application, which won the Azena App Challenge 2021, a competition which pitted cutting-edge computer vision applications from around the industry against each other.

Following this success, we had the chance to present our application portfolio to Azena’s audience. With six applications in Azena’s app store and with Azena leading the way on integration standards for computer vision algorithms, Noema is well positioned to garner significant interest as more industries see the benefit of using computer vision to improve their products and the safety of their work environments.

Seat Occupancy monitoring was by no means Noema’s only application success story in 2021, Noema also has proof of concept deployments in place in the retail, transportation, and public infrastructure spaces on multiple continents. We look forward to sharing exciting news around these deployments in the coming year.

Our Flood Detection and Early Warning application also received a lot of industry interest. Companies in different global markets are interested in our algorithm for the prevention of flood damage as well as for use in a number of industrial applications. Stay tuned for big news around the deployment our flooding application this year!

Going Forward

For 2022, Noema is looking to capitalize on the brand building and brand recognition activities that took center stage in 2021. With demos and POCs on the market, Noema will focus on generating projects and revenue around our cutting-edge applications and the increased value that they provide in the industries in which they are deployed.

We look forward to bringing more proof-of-concept deployments to the market in 2022 and serving our clients and supporting their real-world deployments.

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Connect with Us

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