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Train Monitoring

Train Monitoring

Noema’s Monitoring Application uses smart cameras and computer vision to monitor railroad crossings and track train movement and speed along with alerting to stopped trains. Informing first-responders and the public to blocked intersections makes cities run smoother and enables emergency services to operate free of obstacles presented by stoppages at intersections.

The application monitors railroad crossings to track train speed and position and alerts operators to train stoppages which helps find optimal routes and accelerates the clearing of blockages.

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The Problem

There are over 1.3 million kilometers of railroad across the world, interwoven into the infrastructures of our towns and cities. A common problem faced by those responsible for managing the intersection of rail and car traffic are trains blocking the railroad crossing. This stoppage presents many issues to cities, from frustrating gridlock to the delaying of emergency services, which can have tragic consequences.

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Noema Solution

Noema’s Train Monitoring Application uses AI-enabled devices and computer vision to monitor railroad crossings for trains and send important information about train speed and position. Data concerning how fast a train is moving and if a train is present gives operators insight to train stoppages to find optimal routes and also accelerate the clearing of blockages.

The application runs at the edge, either on a smart camera or AI box and can be configured remotely. Distributing Artificial Intelligence computing to the Edge greatly reduces latency and bandwidth requirements for the AI systems to function effectively. Instant notification gives you crucial time to avoid blockages.

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Monitor Trains at Railroad Crossings
Tracks train speed, position and movement


Monitor railroad intersections for blockages

Easy configuration & use

A variety of cameras are supported

QMTT integration

Helps estimate road blockage time

Finds optimal routes during blockages

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Solution Advantages

Automated, 24/7 monitoring

Noema’s Train Detection Application automatically monitors railroad crossings, all day and all night. The app runs 24/7 and detects blockages with more consistency than a human operator. Having a human operator monitoring feeds is costly and prone to error, as continuous monitoring is nearly impossible.

Optimal Routing During Stoppages

Noema’s Train Detection application alerts emergency services to blocked railroad intersections, so they can find optimal routes and avoid costly delays.

Remote Installation & Configuration

Noema’s computer vision applications are easy to install. Mount a new camera or equip an existing one, and configure the application remotely over the network.

Data and Integrations

The app generates metadata, alarms and images which are integrated into a VMS backend using MQTT metadata interfaces.

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Minimum System Requirements

AI-Enabled Devices

NVIDIA Compatible

Supported devices

Arm64 Architecture

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Supports a variety of camera types and manufacturers, including CCTV cameras

The application can be licensed to support multiple tracks in the field of view or can be applied to cameras that physically or electronically pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ)

Remote installation and configuration with intuitive interface to define monitoring areas

On-demand integration with custom MQTT information system performed by Noema

Smart Camera

App is running on edge device

AI box

App is running on edge device


VMS show the camera footage along with some added features


SCADA handles the metadata that is generated by the app

Data Output

Video pixels will show train data on front end


Data integrated into dashboard enabling real-time analysis

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